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Module 1 – “How To” Poster WIP

These “How To” posters are based on something I know and what I’ve shown to many others. I’ve thought about making a “How To” video about this process, and others like, but have yet to do so. I thought this assignment was a perfect way to show the process.

These are a work in progress and critique and suggestions are welcome!



One thought on “Module 1 – “How To” Poster WIP

  1. Hey Misty, looks like a good start. I’d consider changing the color for the numbers in the first poster, they’re a bit hard to read against the orange. But I do like the way you organized the steps.
    I like the chalkboard look of the second one, however the steps aren’t labeled and so it’s a bit harder to follow. If you connect them somehow or number them to show which order they’re supposed to be, it would be easier to understand. Hope that helps. Nice job! 🙂


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