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Visualizing {Sales} Data

How else would a jewelry designer create a visual expression with the data of their sales? Through jewelry of course! I’ve made a crude design with Adobe Illustrator of my idea. I think that this needs to be made with bead though.


This necklace shows the sales made in the United States. The hand form is holding the international sales data. I didn’t include the data for the United States on the international “strand” since all that data is on the necklace. The data I am using is generated through an Etsy app that pulls the data from my shop. (Etsy Sale Map App)

Another way I arranged the information was in a bar graph of sorts. I took pictures of the Swarovski crystals I planned to use in the necklace and used the images for my graph.


Physical Exploration

The necklace idea was one I wanted to try. In order for the data fit better, I used 10mm beads to represent 10 sales, and 4mm beads to represent 1 sale. For the United States there are 892 sales. That’s a lot of beads!


This would definitely be a dazzling necklace. There only two states without sales; Montana and North Dakota. If I were to explore this further, It would be interesting to compare the amount of sales with other things like state population. I decided to forego using the international data. The sales data from the United States was plenty to use.

To show the information on a map, I used basic colors in a graduation.


And the same map in gray scale.



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